The Beach

The chairs and umbrellas are waiting for you!
Is the Beach open?

Yes, the beach is open.  In France, all beaches are public property, by law.

Will the beach still be a clothing-optional, naturist beach?

Yes.  Naturism is popular in France.  The naturist beach area in front of Club Orient is a well-known tourist attraction and there are no plans to change that.

Are there any water sports rentals available?

There are no water sports rentals at the beach in front of Club Orient.

When Club Orient is rebuilt, it may be possible that part of its property will be used for water sport rentals.

Are food and beverages available?

Yes. The Perch Bar and Grill is open daily with hot food and cold beverages.

Can I rent a chair and umbrella on the beach?

Yes, you can rent chairs and umbrellas on the beach.

Can I camp on the beach overnight?

No.  Camping on beaches is not allowed in French Saint-Martin.